How Employers Can Boost Employee Concentration

As an employer, getting the most out of your team is arguably your most important job. With a long list of built-in responsibilities, you’ve got a lot to worry about, including keeping your team focused and on-task.

Let’s face it, on-the-job distractions are common and quite typical of most work environments. They hinder focus and harm concentration levels which unfortunately hurts productivity. But, there’s good news: you can reduce distractions and improve your team’s output. Read on to learn some of the ways that employers are helping their employees boost concentration and improve focus in the workplace.

Flexible Work Schedules

While 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. may be the typical workday schedule, it doesn’t necessarily work for everyone. Some people work best in the early morning while others are able to focus better and are more productive into the late hours of the night.

Furthermore, studies have shown that remote workers are more productive, take less sick leave and fewer breaks, and are less likely to quit. These are disciplined employees that don’t need much in the way of structure and direction to excel in remote environments.

Softer Lighting

Just as dim lighting can make employees feel tired, bright lighting may actually result in a lack of focus. While it may appear stimulating, harsh lighting within an office can also cause headaches as employees’ eyes try to adjust while straining to focus on computer screens, whiteboards, or note pads. Softer, warmer white lighting is recommended and can be used to create a calmer mood or a library-like environment.

Personalized Workstations

When employees feel comfortable, they are able to work better and focus comes naturally and easily. Providing them with an opportunity to bring in personal items contributes to increased productivity as well as overall happiness. Some employees respond best to individual touches like pictures of family or friends. Others may prefer positive, inspirational quotes or highly personalized items that keep them motivated.

Manageable Employee Tasks

Employers are always encouraged to break up big projects into more manageable chunks to help improve productivity and keep their employees motivated. When team members are able to complete individual, smaller tasks one at a time, they don’t feel overwhelmed; they feel a sense of accomplishment and feel encouraged to keep going until the entire project has been completed.

Leading by Example

Employees tend to follow in a manager’s footsteps. If managers are constantly distracted or disorganized, this may signal to employees that it’s ok to act the same way. Leadership starts at the top and works its way down: if employers and management are focused on their tasks at hand and dedicating both time and effort to them, employees are almost certain to mirror those qualities. Employers should remain positive whenever possible, encouraging their employees to work hard and rewarding them accordingly.

Modified “Open” Office Spaces

Although “open” office spaces are popular workplace models, the impromptu meetings and other random distractions they bring are certainly detrimental to employees’ ability to focus on their work. Too much activity in someone’s line of sight and the voices of multiple conversations can make the brain wander. Employers should try to situate desks and views so that visual distractions don’t compound with noise. Lastly, if an office has an open plan, employers should provide dedicated quiet rooms or special areas that offer privacy and give their employees a break from a busy, distracting office environment.

There’s no way of getting around the fact that distractions and interruptions at work happen; it’s simply the nature of the workplace in general. Fortunately, there are many ways that employers can boost concentration and improve employee focus. CSL Staffing recommends the suggestions above to keep your team happy while ultimately increasing productivity.


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